Sweet & Tart 

Empires premiered in 1966 in the Empire State of New York. They are a cross between Red Delicious and McIntosh developed by the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station at Cornell University. This crisp, juicy apple has a delightful sweet-tart flavor and creamy white flesh, making it a good all-purpose apple. Stake out your Empire between September and July. 





Wonderful blend of sweet and tart

Juicy, very crisp, and a creamy white flesh

Best Uses

Excellent for eating and salads

Good for sauces, baking, pies and freezing

Special Hint

Small Empires are great for school lunches. Kids enjoy the sweet-tart taste and super crunchy texture.


Empire apples are harvested in late September.  You can find Sun Orchard Empires in retailers September through October.

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