Extra Sweet & Aromatic

Some pronounce it Mah-coun, others say Mah-coon, and a few swear by Mah-cowan. Whichever you choose, you’re a winner. Great for snacking, and sweet enough for making apple cider and even applesauce. Dark red with a purple flush, tender and tart – with tough skin that gives way to a crunchy, white, juicy flesh.  Macoun was developed at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva in 1932, and is named for a famous Canadian fruit breeder.




Extra-sweet and aromatic

Very juicy,tender, snow-white flesh

Best Uses

Excellent for eating 

Good for apple sauce and salads 


Special Hint

Try serving Macoun slices with cheese for a sophisticated dessert in the autumn.


Macoun apples are harvested in early October.  You can find Sun Orchard Macouns in retailers October through April.

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